It doesn’t matter how tempting a bargain is on your web page if it works slow, even a second delay will lead to a dramatic reduction in conversions. My clients don’t even buy services if they find lag in their platforms for even more than 3 secs. In this article we will look at the 5 top factors that affect the speed of WordPress, from there, there will be reasonable methods to improve the speed of WordPress websites!

Page Speed is influenced by many objective and subjective factors. We only focus on subjective factors – that we can improve them with the right solutions to speed it up!


Your web hosting company and the server it chooses to place your website on can have a major impact on the speed at which your website loads for visitors. If there aren’t enough resources on the server, it will slow things down for everyone. Choosing high-quality Hosting and VPS services will help your Websites operate with stable speed, high uptime!

If you have traffic coming from all over the place, you may want to consider investing in a content delivery network, or CDN. This is a network of servers, all of which host your site content. It will pull your site’s content from the server closest to the visitor, to reduce the load time, since the data doesn’t have to travel as far.

When you choose your web hosting company, look for one that has an uptime rating of at least 99.5%. MangoWP confidently provides 99.9% uptime and stable server service. If your host server is sluggish, no matter what improvements you make to speed up loading time, your website will remain sluggish.

Source Codes (Themes – Plugins – WordPress core)

Source Codes (WordPress Core – Themes – Plugins are activated) is the main operating machine of Websites, if you use Themes – Plugins with many errors, not optimized or heavy code will use a large amount of memory and CPU and can dramatically slow your website down.

The plugins that make a lot of database queries and require a lot of assets to load will slow down your load time. If you want to see how your activated plugins are affecting your page load time, check the files the plugins are loading.
Load your website. Use the “Inspect” feature in Google Chrome or the “Inspect Element” feature in Firefox to open the developer tools panel. Click the “Network” tab, and reload your website. As it reloads, you’ll be able to see how your browser is loading each file.

So choosing well-coded and good Themes – Plugins will help speed up WordPress websites significantly. Another point to note is that you need to update WordPress, Themes, Plugins regularly to get the highest performance!

File Types and Sizes (Database)

Another factor that has a strong impact on website speed is Database. Generally speaking, the larger your file sizes are and the more files you have to load on a page, the longer it will take to load in the browser.
Database Optimize is often to delete junk data (no longer in use). , optimize the path to speed up data retrieval, especially optimize the image formats to reduce Page Size – greatly improve the loading speed! Database Optimization in WordPress can often be easily done with Plugins!

You should not store heavy files such as Videos, ebooks,… on WordPress, they will force the server to operate at high intensity when downloading. Otherwise, you can use VPS dedicated for storage (Storage VPS), but the most reasonable is to use Cloud Drive services such as Google Drive, Dropbox …

External Scripts

External Scripts are programs downloaded from outside such as Fonts, Ads, Emojis, Gravatars … which also increase page load time significantly. To speed up the WordPress websites, you also need solutions to reduce the load times of External Scripts!


WordPress is very easy to use and usually, you don’t need to edit the configuration (located in wp-config.php). However, for whatever reason you customize or add inappropriate parameters, or install conflicting plugins, … will cause WordPress to operate unstably and cause many errors.

To avoid this, be careful when you run tricks that require customizing or adding code to wp-config.php, and in particular, when installing plugins, be on the lookout for warnings about conflict or incompatibility with some plugins available on Websites (for example if you use multiple Page Builder plugins, or Caching… on the same Websites, they will most likely conflict with each other causing many errors)!


Here was a list showing you 5 top factors that affect the speed of your WordPress website and some of the solutions that can resolve the problem. It is very important to ensure a speedy website in order to maintain conversions. A business will never run without an optimal website in this modern era where people rely more on the Internet than anything else.

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