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Mango WP Is A Complete Tech Team For Your WordPress Sites

Independent web designers love to make great site designs for their customers. What most designers don't enjoy is dealing small site changes, broken plug-ins, site performance issues and website hacks. When clients demand designers fix these issues, it's a lose-lose situation.

Mango solves this problem for small design shops by providing a complete tech team to deal with all WordPress issues. This way, designers can focus on what they do best - designing great websites and making their customers happy!

Our Nerds

Have Your Back

There is no need for an internal tech team if you have Mango. Our experienced network and software engineers are here when you need changes to your site beyond what the content management tools Wordpress provides. Need to add a new page, a form or a fix a plug-in? No problem. Mango has you covered. We have a large team of geeks on staff who are available for small projects.

In addition, our staff constantly monitors your sites and fixes problems before your customers even see them. That's the magic of Mango.

Bulletproof Website

When you are with Mango, your no longer have to worry about your site going down or being hacked my nefarious individuals. Mango employs advanced artificial intelligence in its data center to not only fix issues on the fly, but also stops them before the even happen. No other service provider is on your site business like Mango.

Blazing Fast Performance

Have Your Back

Yes, you can buy $3 hosting for your site, but you'll get what you pay for. Why have a website in the first place if the customer experience isn't going to be a good one?

With Mango, you'll never have to worry about slow page or image loads. Your customers won't abandon their shopping carts because the checkout process is taking too long. With Mango, you get blazing fast performance so your customers can get the job done quickly.

What our Customers Say

"I was stuck in bad customer situation where I inherited a site I didn't build with a hosting provider I didn't recommend. My client was all over me to fix a problem I knew nothing about. I signed up for Mango and, boom, problem solved! Mango is a lifesaver. Thank God for Mango!"
– Paul Uhl, Principal at Design Associates Group, Inc.

How do we compare

It’s hard to compare mangoes to apples because we provide a unique combination of hands-on-support with powerful Wordpress hosting.
Mango WP
(Fully Managed WordPress)
Managed Hosting
(WP Engine, FlyWheel)
Shared Hosting
(GoDaddy, HostGator, 1and1)
360 Security Shield YES YES NO
Nightly Backup YES YES Some
Backup Restoration YES NO NO
WordPress Core and Extensions Updates YES NO NO
Supporting your customers YES NO NO
24/7 Active Monitoring YES NO NO
Guaranteed server resources YES Some NO
Small jobs YES NO NO
Free SSL YES Some NO
Malware scanning and removal YES Some NO


Simple, no surprise pricing with our two options.
Fully Managed

You are willing to move your website to our safe and blazing fast server? so this plan is for you!


billed annually or $99 billed monthly

Start Now

12 Small jobs annually
Managed Hosting
Daily backup
Malware clean up
360 Security Shield
24/7 Active monitoring
All updates and security patches

WooCommerce Care

If you have a growing WooCommerce Store and want to keep it works stable as well as improve the sales then this plan is just for you.


Cancel any time you want

Start Now

Unlimited Fixes
2 Development Hours Per Month
$25 per extra Development Hour (50% off)
Daily backup
Restore within day
Shield Security Pro
All updates and security patches

* Unlimited Fixes: Whenever your website having problems, we'll resolve them for you, no matter how much effort we have to spend.

* Development Hours: Using them in case you need us to develop new features or to improve your store, you have 02 free hours per month but got a special price as $25 for an extra hour, it's really a stunning price.

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