Welcome to Mango Service, {client}!

We’re happy to have you on board. Thank you for choosing us for your service needs.
We are pleased to inform you that your site has been added to MangoWP Service:

From now on, we will monitor the website daily and take screenshots of any changes occurring, check security to minimize any risks, and keep track of updates and extensions released. Moreover, the backup is always in place to prevent data loss.

To start our protection and monitoring service, we will install these plugins on this site.

  1. MangoCpanel – to manage your backups, plugins, and databases
  2. Sucuri Security – to secure your website against the pain of the hacking attack
  3. WordPress File Monitor – to track changes in the file size, modification date, permissions, file content
  4. Simple History – to log user activities
  5. CAPTCHA – to protect your forms against spammers and spammots.

As a part of a security protection process, we highly recommend disabling Post Revision and all Comments on your website.

Good choices make a good journey,
MangoWP Team.