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Hello, wordpress fans!

Yes, we’re providing the free wordpress fix service. After years of working in wordpress development, we see a lot of wordpress users are struggling to manage their wordpress site every day. Sometimes, the issues are not too complicated, even easy to us but it’s really the problems to non-tech users. As the professionals, we always want to contribute something to wordpress community, it should be free yet valuable one for everyone. For those reasons, we decided to provide a service that solves 01 issue for you totally free every month. We think it’s a very useful gift. Please note that this kind of special account is limited by the number of registrations, so join us today and get this special account forever!

What you get!

  • Each month you have one chance to get a free fix from us.
  • All of your issues you post on the system will be investigated totally free.
  • Get free optimizing wordpress tips from our experts.

How it works!

This is pretty simple, see below: 

  1. You create a free  account
  2. Login to the MangoWP Portal
  3. Click a button to post your issues.
  4. We investigate the issues for free and make you an offer.
  5. You can accept the deal if you think it’s reasonable.
  6. We fix the issues until you are satisfied with the results

Leave your email here and get your free wordpress fix each month!

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